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Дата Слово Прослухати Голоси
22/07/2013 connubii [la] Вимова слова connubii 0 голос(-и, -ів)
22/07/2013 papabilis [la] Вимова слова papabilis 1 голос(-и, -ів)
22/07/2013 ensiferum [la] Вимова слова ensiferum 0 голос(-и, -ів)
22/07/2013 Teutonicum [la] Вимова слова Teutonicum 0 голос(-и, -ів)
22/07/2013 Haustrum [la] Вимова слова Haustrum 1 голос(-и, -ів)
21/07/2013 Maleficarum [la] Вимова слова Maleficarum 0 голос(-и, -ів)
21/07/2013 Assessor [la] Вимова слова Assessor 0 голос(-и, -ів)
21/07/2013 Quieta non movere [la] Вимова слова Quieta non movere 1 голос(-и, -ів)
21/07/2013 assessore [la] Вимова слова assessore 0 голос(-и, -ів)
21/07/2013 iucundum [la] Вимова слова iucundum 1 голос(-и, -ів)
21/07/2013 Cactaceae [la] Вимова слова Cactaceae 0 голос(-и, -ів)
21/07/2013 delphini [la] Вимова слова delphini 0 голос(-и, -ів)
21/07/2013 convocato [la] Вимова слова convocato 0 голос(-и, -ів)
21/07/2013 proponis [la] Вимова слова proponis 1 голос(-и, -ів)
21/07/2013 biennium [la] Вимова слова biennium 0 голос(-и, -ів)
21/07/2013 fore [la] Вимова слова fore 0 голос(-и, -ів)
21/07/2013 umbra [la] Вимова слова umbra 1 голос(-и, -ів)
21/07/2013 Latine loquor [la] Вимова слова Latine loquor 1 голос(-и, -ів)
21/07/2013 Gaius Marius [la] Вимова слова Gaius Marius 0 голос(-и, -ів)
21/07/2013 promittere [la] Вимова слова promittere 0 голос(-и, -ів)
21/07/2013 posse peccare et non peccare [la] Вимова слова posse peccare et non peccare 0 голос(-и, -ів)
21/07/2013 jus tertii [la] Вимова слова jus tertii 0 голос(-и, -ів)
21/07/2013 via negativa [la] Вимова слова via negativa 0 голос(-и, -ів)
21/07/2013 liberum veto [la] Вимова слова liberum veto 1 голос(-и, -ів)
13/07/2013 Papilio machaon [la] Вимова слова Papilio machaon 1 голос(-и, -ів)
13/07/2013 Euterpe luminosa [la] Вимова слова Euterpe luminosa 1 голос(-и, -ів)
13/07/2013 Euterpe edulis [la] Вимова слова Euterpe edulis 1 голос(-и, -ів)
10/07/2013 perro [es] Вимова слова perro -1 голос(-и, -ів)
10/07/2013 sidereus nuncius [la] Вимова слова sidereus nuncius -1 голос(-и, -ів)
09/07/2013 Apiaceae [la] Вимова слова Apiaceae 0 голос(-и, -ів)

Інформація про користувача

In the web site referenced below I am collecting my father's works, mostly in Spanish and Italian.

Some things to take into account regarding my pronunciation in languages I learned in childhood:

Italian: This is the first language I learned although I was born in Argentina. The usage of open and closed vowels isn't very accurate in the speech of many Italians raised in the Rio de La Plata region (a sizable community to which I belong) and I am trying to correct that in my speech. Also I try to soften my rolling 'r' at the beginning of words, which overstressed by Italians raised in this area. Other than these local influences, I may have some Tuscanian and Ligurian ways of pronouncing words, picked up from my parents.

Spanish (Castellano): Also learned as an infant. as spoken around the Rio de la Plata, some consonants are different from formal Castellano (y and ll like French j, soft c and z indistinguishable from hard s, s before consonant is aspired).

Portuguese: Learned as a young kid, Brazilian accent, I try to have a neutral pronunciation but it is a mixture of southern regions' accents (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul). My hard "r" and "rr" may be a bit too guttural.

Latin: Obviously I am not a "native" or an expert but learned some latin as a kid from Italian teachers. I tend to use Italian/Ecclesiastical pronunciation, but I aspire the "h" sometimes. My pronunciation of "ae" "oe" "au" may not always fit the convention. I do not pronounce the v and the u the same way and I pronounce the c, s, z as in italian. I did try to pronounce a few shorter words using Classical rules after saying them with Ecclesiastical accent.

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