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arborescence [fr] Вимова слова arborescence spl0uf
de rien [fr] Вимова слова de rien Morrigan
payer en espèces [fr] Вимова слова payer en espèces fowl
qu'est-ce que c'est [fr] Вимова слова qu'est-ce que c'est Cleven
Je suis fatigué [fr] Вимова слова Je suis fatigué Justyna
vivre [fr] Вимова слова vivre ixindamix
bonjour [fr] Вимова слова bonjour den75
au revoir ! [fr] Вимова слова au revoir ! fowl
Je ne parle pas français [fr] Вимова слова Je ne parle pas français elend
un [fr] Вимова слова un spl0uf
eu un [fr] Вимова слова eu un spl0uf
la craie [fr] Вимова слова la craie spl0uf
le tableau noir [fr] Вимова слова le tableau noir spl0uf
la règle [fr] Вимова слова la règle spl0uf
cahier [fr] Вимова слова cahier papillon
Stylo [fr] Вимова слова Stylo spl0uf
un arbre [fr] Вимова слова un arbre Nefertiti
fille [fr] Вимова слова fille spl0uf
garçon [fr] Вимова слова garçon ixindamix
Eiffel [fr] Вимова слова Eiffel spl0uf
le menu [fr] Вимова слова le menu spl0uf
un menu [fr] Вимова слова un menu spl0uf
q [fr] Вимова слова q spl0uf
u [fr] Вимова слова u spl0uf
e [fr] Вимова слова e spl0uf

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I like this site so much; I find it so useful.
It has a noble aim - opening the way for better communication with others throughout the world; something I believe, needs language skills in the first place.
We are here to help each other and teach each another :-)
So, let's make this work out.
Share by adding words, pronouncing, sending reports for something unclear or, in your opinion, wrong. I welcome messages where you find my pronunciation is not good, not clear or has a noisy background.
I am not going to tell you what to do or what NOT to do, it's finally your language, and it's only you who decide HOW you like it to be known and widely spread.
Have a nice time! :-)

I pronounce the Arabic letter ج (Geem) according to MY EGYPTIAN DIALECT, i.e. like "g" in "ago". {With the exception of some words where I pronounce it like “g” as in “George” or "j" as in "Jordan".}... So, in answer to those who vote negatively on my pronunciation, it is because they don't accept the point of dialect difference -:)

Стать: Жінка

Акцент/країна: Єгипет

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