Meeting Forvo editors: snowcrocus

September 21, 2009

One of things we most like about Forvo is the oportunity to meet some incredible valuable people. That's why we are starting a new section in this blog to introduce you to some of the editors that collaborate at Forvo. Snowcrocus, an english editor it's the first one.

Q: A little bit about you. A: I currently live in Florida, though hopefully I'll be moving to Europe once I finish my doctorate. I grew up in Wisconsin, mostly in a tiny village with one business - a blacksmith. I've also briefly worked and/or gone to school in Germany, Peru, and France. My background is anthropology/archaeology, and I currently do research in heritage conservation policy. Languages are kind of a hobby for me; I've studied Latin, German, French, Low German (Plattdeutsch), Russian, Swedish, and Spanish (in that order). I even made up a language when I was 12 and taught it to a friend, so we could get in trouble with our teachers for speaking it in front of them. Unfortunately the only languages I can still speak are German and French, and I'm still working very hard to become fluent in French (which I find way more confusing than German!).

Q: When did you know about Forvo? A: The French is what brought me to Forvo in the first place - looking for pronunciations of French words, especially things I couldn't find in the dictionary or that have sounds I'm bad at distinguishing. I've enjoyed doing pronunciations in English (often cringing when I hear my own voice afterward, though). Hopefully they'll prove useful to someone along the way, as I've found the pronunciations by the French-speaking members so helpful, myself. After careful consideration, I've been forced to admit that English pronunciation is even more convoluted than French pronunciation...

Q: What did you like most? A: Forvo has also been a great place to interact with other members, sharing information about dialects and discussing odd linguistic tid-bits. I enjoy learning about variations within English as much as I enjoy fiddling around with foreign languages, and Forvo is certainly a great forum for that.

In the following weeks we expect to bring you more Forvo "interviews".